Extracurricular Activities

All Saints offers many ways to learn (and have fun) outside of the classroom

Chess Club

Chess is offered to students in grades 1 – 6. Students learn through lectures, videos, exercises, and tournament play. Chess promotes logical thinking, instills a sense of self-confidence and self-worth, and improves communication and pattern recognition skills. It teaches the values of hard work, concentration, objectivity, and commitment.


SPARKS is a mentoring program at the middle building in which upperclassmen are buddy mentors paired with fifth graders. Every month the team decides upon a theme based on our school’s mission statement and organizes activities for the workshop. Each session contains a focus session on the scripture themes as well as choreographed skits and songs, interactive games, and reflections centered on the main theme. The SPARKS program is entirely student-led with a faculty facilitator which enables our older students to practice their leadership and organizational skills.

Seventh and eighth grade students must apply to be SPARKS mentors. Through the program, mentors commit to monthly meetings to learn leadership skills. Because sessions with fifth grade take place during the school day, SPARKS mentors are responsible for making up any class assignments, notes, etc. that are missed. Mentors are expected to conduct themselves, in speech and action, according to All Saints Catholic School values. Academic performance is important and the same rules for school athletic eligibility apply to SPARKS.

Our SPARKS program is a leadership and mentoring team that provides each 5th grade student with a 7th or 8th grade buddy mentor.

Missoula Children’s Theatre

All Saints partners with the Missoula Children’s Theatre to offer a weeklong intensive drama program in February each year. Read more about our theatre and arts programs.

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