We exist to fulfill the mission of the universal church.

As a parochial school, All Saints Catholic School exists to fulfill the mission of the universal church.

 We are an educational ministry of St. Peter, St. Ann and Our Lady of Fatima parishes. As the members of these three parishes built their churches, they also built a Catholic school for their children to attend. In 1974, the three schools were combined into one: All Saints, to serve all families of these three parishes, along with others who want a quality education and who support our mission and philosophy. Learn more about each of our parish partners below. 

Fr. Miguel Mejia is the pastor at Our Lady of Fatima, located at 3327 S. Perry in Spokane’s South Hill neighborhood. The parish Mission states, “We, the people of Our Lady of Fatima, are called together by God in Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit to celebrate the Eucharist. We come together as a family of faith, to live the Word of God, to use and share our individual spiritual gifts, to help meet the temporal and spiritual needs of our community, and to fulfill our responsibility to nurture and support ministries in service to all.”

Fr. Luke Tomson is the pastor at St. Peter, located at 3520 East 18th Ave., also on the South Hill in Spokane. St. Peter Parish was officially dedicated in 1957, and was the first Catholic parish in the diocese to be named after one of the Apostles; it was nicknamed “The Fisherman’s Parish”. Over the next thirty years, the parish continued to grow in size, and eventually outgrew its initial building. In 1992, Father Mike Savelesky, along with an enthusiastic building committee, began plans to erect the present Church. St Peter has since grown to serve over 900 families and has been blessed with ministry, generosity and compassion.

Fr. Patrick Baraza is the pastor at St. Ann, located at 2116 East First Ave. in Spokane’s East Central neighborhood. St. Ann celebrated its centennial in 2002, having been established a century before to serve the eastern part of Spokane south of the river, a primarily working-class neighborhood with many immigrant families. The parish maintains a connection with the neighborhood, teaming with several other churches for a weekly free Sunday lunch open to all, and working with neighboring Grace Lutheran Church on an after-school program for the children of East Central. According to the parish history, “Many parishioners live outside the official parish boundaries, but are drawn to St. Ann’s by its spirit of community and its commitment to living out the values of the Gospel through social justice.”

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