All Saints Catholic School fosters faith development of its students and staff. Students actively participate in the Mass and other holy observances during the liturgical seasons of Lent and Advent.

Students also learn the foundations of our faith through daily religion class, Living the Catholic Faith is the major focus of our school ministry

Our religious education program is based on the faith tradition and Gospel values of the Catholic Church. Religion is taught daily in every classroom as an academic subject, in which students master the Catholic Diocese of Spokane Religion Curriculum.


In keeping with our philosophy of developing the whole child, students in Kindergarten through eighth grade participate in retreats during the school year. Retreats focus on faith formation, building relationships with God, and on developing social skills to work productively with and show respect to others. Depending on the grade level, retreats may be held off campus.


Preparation for sacraments is the responsibility of the individual parishes of All Saints: St. Ann, St. Peter, and Our Lady of Fatima. Please contact your parish Religious Education Director for more information.