All Saints students are expected to follow Christian principles and to show integrity and respect. Students and adults in the school community agree to follow the Diocese of Spokane Code of Conduct both on and off campus.

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Our teachers value our students and believe in the power of positive relationships. We are trained in using the Love and Logic discipline philosophy. Love and Logic is founded on the following research-based principles:

  • Adults set limits using enforceable statements.

  • Adults regard mistakes as learning opportunities.

  • Adults provide strong doses of empathy before describing consequences.

  • Adults delay consequences, when necessary, so that they can respond with wisdom and compassion.

  • Children are given the gift of owning and solving their problems.

Research clearly shows that the primary element contributing to success for children is a positive relationship between the child and adults in his or her life. This research also indicates that this relationship is developed most effectively when adults set firm limits while showing sincere interest in what is unique and special about the child. We love our students and maintain high expectations for their behavior. 

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