We believe Catholic education is for everyone and we are committed to helping every All Saints student succeed. At All Saints, we understand that your child is equipped with a unique set of gifts and challenges. Our faculty makes every reasonable effort to differentiate content and accommodate students with individual learning needs. 

Our teachers value our students and believe in the power of positive relationships. We are trained in using the Love and Logic discipline philosophy. Love and Logic is founded on the following research-based principles:

No. However, we are proud to employ a Learning Specialist who is trained to coach teachers in ways to help all children succeed. 

All Saints considers it our mission to serve all children of God. We follow IEPs and 504s to the best of our ability given the resources we have available. Some common accommodations put in place to help diverse learners include, but are not limited to:

  • oral testing
  • abbreviated assignments
  • separate space for assessments
  • extended deadlines
  • speech-to-text software
  • audio textbooks and novels

7th and 8th graders may choose to take Study Skills as an elective, where the teacher supports them in meeting their educational goals through explicit instruction of study skills, organization, and time management. This is an opportunity for students to access individualized support in a supportive environment. 

We also offer Homework Club three days per week for a small fee, where students can work in a quiet space with help available from high school tutors, community volunteers, All Saints teachers, and Mrs. Eugenio, our Learning Specialist.

A formal diagnosis is the first essential step toward ensuring an equitable education for all students. Our Learning Specialist is trained to identify students who would benefit from individualized education plans. She collaborates with area specialists who can aid in diagnosis, counseling, and tutoring for students with special needs.

Given the limitations of our school’s resources, All Saints is not always able to meet unique learning needs. We will determine if we are able to accommodate the needs of a student with a diagnosed disability prior to admission into the school based upon their individual school resources and the staff’s training and expertise. The school may require a family to sign a Release of Liability form based upon the accommodation(s) offered for a student with a diagnosed disability. Per Diocesan policy, All Saints Catholic School reserves the right to refuse admission if we cannot provide the needed support to foster success.

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